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Voltech: Servicing All of Your Electrical Needs



Installation & Repairs

Voltech has been proudly servicing residential customers for 20 years. In addition, our workers have many years of prior experience.


Structural and Equipment

For twenty years Voltech has been the electrician of choice for Houston area schools hospitals, stores, restaurants, daycares, etc.


High Voltage Systems

We have serviced customers in industrial settings for 20 years in the Houston area offering competitive pricing and quality work.

Who is Voltech Electrical and what do we do?

Voltech Electrical is a locally owned master electrician contractor that is both licensed and insured. We are proud to service Houston and the surrounding areas. As proud professionals in the industry we are equipped and qualified to satisfy all of your commercial, residential, and industrial electrical needs.

Voltech Electrical is flexible to your scheduling requirements in order to provide guaranteed customer satisfaction. We handle a variety of electrical jobs, from minor wiring and repairs to larger contracts.

We have proudly been in business for twenty years, and each worker has extensive experience in the field. Some of our past jobs include working on large construction projects in airports, hospitals, schools, power distribution centers for refineries, large military infrastructures in Afghanistan, Greenland, and other regions around the world.

Voltech Electrical provides a range of residential, commercial, and industrial electrical services in Houston and its surrounding areas. Our top priorities are not only to provide quality work, but also to deliver superb customer satisfaction.

Our core values are safety, integrity, quality, professionalism, on time delivery, and affordable pricing. Every member of our team is guaranteed to observe these values in order to provide you with the best services possible.

Houston's Premiere Electricians

Voltech Electrical is both licensed and insured, and as the owner of Voltech I hold a current Masters license in both Texas and Louisiana. We are more than qualified for your electrical needs.

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